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The Tale of Princess Snow

 Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful maiden who loved the taste of flavored snow. Each winter she would gather snow and create tasty new recipes for her family to enjoy. After several years with no snow, she set out for a far and distant land in hopes of finding the perfect winter.

Exhausted from the long travel, she settled under an oak to rest. As she drifted off into pleasant dreams, a great snow fell on the land. When the maiden awoke, she was so excited she began preparing her favorites- snow cream, rainbow, and more!

Word began to spread of the girl who made the yummy snow, so much so, that the people from near and far came to taste the snowy goodness. They were so taken by the flavors, they made her their princess and built a large castle for her to create the delicious frosty desserts.

This is the legend of Princess Snow, who makes each and every spoonful with love!