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Welcome To The Snow Castle!

We are Greenville's best place for New Orleans style snowballs! (Shaved ice) With over 116 flavors and various toppings to choose from, you'll be truly challenged to pick a favorite. Our desserts are made with true block-shaved ice! None of that gritty cube-ground carnival ice that lets the syrup drain to the bottom of the cup. We've vowed never to hide gritty ice with self-serve flavor stations. At The Snow Castle, kids don't over do the sugar rush and there's no need to use cheap syrups to offset the extra being wasted. Our true to life snow absorbs the flavor for a smooth yummy taste in every bite! Our syrups are the most premium available, produced by a family owned company for over 75 years. The syrups are gluten free, fluoride free, contain no fat, no cholesterol, have a low caloric content, and contain natural sugar (No high fructose corn syrup). We even carry organic flavors. And if snowballs are not your thing, we are also serving Hershey's hand dipped ice cream!

Come see us soon at The Snow Castle!